CodeArea is a Chrome Extension that gives you the ability to convert any Textarea into a code editor capable of syntax highlighting, themes, tabbing, etc. It’s extra handy for working with snippets or sharing code on websites like StackOverflow or writing Gists. An icon appears in the lower left corner of the Textarea you’re hovering that’ll let you choose your syntax highlighting.

A CDN Javascript version will be available soon for site owners that want to implement this globally across their site.

Get the Chrome Extension here and come back for updates.

Version: 1.1.0 // Code: Matt Kenefick // Design: Dan Mall


  1. Q > I need syntax highlighting for this language, will it be supported?

    Sure! I added a few pretty common languages in order to keep the list short and simple. If there’s a more common demand for another language, I’ll definitely add it. Just trying to keep the list as small as possible for now.

  2. Q > Any plans to make a plugin for Firefox?

    If I have to.

  3. Q > Can we have X option / can the theme selection be persistent?

    Absolutely. CodeArea was a quick and young project and will become more fully featured as time goes on. Your suggestions will help form that. Tweet at me with any ideas or bugs!